Welcome to Mike’s Carbon Cleaning

Help restore your car’s power and performance with our innovative engine carbon cleaning service that uses the latest in hydrogen technology to help remove the carbon build-up from your engine. With no dismantling of parts or use of harmful chemicals, our service is quick and safe, with the advantage that we come to your location whether it is a private residence or automotive service garage.

Why Carbon Clean Your Engine?


Carbon cleaning your vehicle’s engine will help reduce harmful gases being released into the atmosphere.

Improve Power & Fuel Efficiency

Cleaning your engine will increase fuel efficiency and engine power, saving you money on fuel costs. It will leave your engine running smoother with better throttle response and performance.

No harmful Chemicals

Our machines use electrolysis to split water into oxygen and hydrogen to produce HHO gas which atomizes carbon without the use of traditional chemicals.

and easy

Our revolutionary carbon cleaning technology is non-invasive, so our technicians can clean any engine without the need for disassembly, in a matter of just minutes.

Our revolutionary carbon cleaning technology works on all diesel, petrol and hybrid engines in all passenger, commercial and agricultural vehicles, and motorcycles and motor boats.

Our Advantage

we’re mobile!

Our technicians cover an approximate 60-mile radius area from Birmingham. Greater distances can be considered for the service of mutiple vehicles.

special discounts

We offer special discounts for taxi drivers and key workers. Please ask us for details.

All makes and models

Our carbon cleaning technology can be used on all types of vehicles, including diesel, petrol and hybrid engines.

Special discounts available for taxi drivers and key workers!


Ford Ka

Ford Ka

Was super excited to have Mike of Mike's Carbon Cleaning come to our home and clean out our 'little bug' right on the...

T J Monkeez Garage

T J Monkeez Garage

Thanks Mike's Carbon Cleaning! The car passed it's MOT this morning. Emissions were spot on this time and the car is...

Our Service Area

Located in the West Midlands area, our team of technicians are able to come to you, whether you are a private resident or commercial garage.

We cover an approximate 60-mile radius area centred in Birmingham, but can travel further if mutliple vehicles are to be carbon cleaned using our services.

Telephone: 07946 276292
Email: info@mikescarboncleaning.co.uk